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Green Technology

HSG SUNGDONG is developing environment-friendly technologies
to lead green growth and future technologies.

HSG SUNGDONG Shipbuilding research to meet various needs of Buyers and to develop environment-friendly and fuel-efficient vessels that are of the international trends. We satisfy all strict standards of international Buyers and Classification Society by constructing vessels optimized for each Buyer as well as implementing processes that are in accordance with each vessel’s specifications.

This picture is the ship on the voyage.

HSG SUNGDONG is dedicated to developing eco-friendly and energy-saving ships that satisfy the ship owner’s various demands and comply with the stringent international regulations. With the Technology Research and its over 500 engineers who design ships tailor-made to the ship owner’s demands, and the Research Center which develops and applies process for each ship’s specifications and characteristics, HSG SUNGDONG fully complies with wide range of strict standards set by ship owners and classification societies worldwide.

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    Low power Lighting Module development
    Low-power lighting module development improves energy efficiency by lasting fifty times as long as normal light and decreasing green house gasses by 40%.
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    High-efficiency Waste Heat Recovery System
    Improving energy efficiency by using the diesel engine’s high-temperature waste heat to generate electric power.
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    Ballast Water Treatment System
    Purifies the ballast water - which is used to balance the ship to ensure optimal speeds and efficiency - before discharge thereby protecting marine eco systems.
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    Low-vibration and noise
    Study to ensure stability using least control the vibration and noise from large vessel.
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    HSG SUNGDONG develops optimal hull
    Structures suitable for vessel operation regions and purposes to produce higher speeds at less required horse power.
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    Green-type Engine
    Longer stroke reduces engine speed, thereby paving the way for ship designs with unprecedented high-efficiency.
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    Propeller Design Optimization System
    Maximizes energy efficiency based on ship-optimized high efficiency, lowvibration, and low-noise propeller.
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    Energy Saving System(Mewis Duct)
    Recovers the pressure between the hull and ducts, converts it into propelling force, and improves the flow field that acts on the propeller blades.
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    Energy Saving System(Propeller Boss Cap Fins)
    Minimizes the influence of vortexes created near the propeller to reduce energy loss.
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    Energy Saving System(SD-Fin)
    Reduces resistance and improves energy efficiency with optimized streamline.

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